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Are you ready to relax and truly enjoy the bathroom of your dreams? If you are looking for the best local Fort Wayne remodeling contractors you found them!

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“ Had both of my bathrooms and am super happy with the work done. Call these guys!"

Joshua L

Bathroom Remodel Fort Wayne

Welcome to Bathroom Remodel Fort Wayne. If you are looking at a bathroom remodel and feeling overwhelmed by the project, don’t! This local Fort Wayne bathroom remodeling company is here for you!

We want to make the process as easy and free of stress as much as possible. For starters, you may have many questions you first need to answer. Questions like who are the best bathroom remodelers near me, how much is a bathroom remodel, who can do the highest quality bathroom renovation in Fort Wayne IN?

We can help you answer all of these and much more. You can give us a call or visit us in person. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have and sign you up for a free consultation!

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About Bathroom Remodel Fort Wayne

Bathroom Remodel Fort Wayne has served bathroom remodel Fort Wayne IN customers for years, and we want to assist you too.

We take pride in our work, and we enjoy what we do on a daily basis. We understand making a final decision out of all of the bathroom companies Fort Wayne has to offer can be a challenge. That is one reason we offer our free consultation to all of our new customers. To give us a real chance to prove ourselves as the best in the business.

Other remodeling contractors in Fort Wayne IN may do a wonderful job. But we believe it is our exceptional customer service and love for our work that truly sets us apart from the rest.

This local Fort Wayne bathroom remodeling company strives to offer as many services as possible compared to other bathroom remodeling companies. We offer a free consultation, bathroom remodel ideas, as well as various types of remodels.

For the best bathroom remodeling Fort Wayne has to offer, give us a call today or visit in person. We can answer questions to all potential customers as well as offer our free consultation service.

Why Choose Us?

Our priority at Bathroom Remodel Fort Wayne is to help our customers in every aspect of the remodeling process. That is why we offer so many services and free consultation.

Our employees are happy to ease the burden of the design process if you are having difficulty imagining your own bathroom remodeling ideas. Whether you need assistance with small bathroom remodel ideas, or bathtub remodel ideas we can assist.

If you are worried about the bathroom remodel cost we try to help with that as well. You see, there is a balance between quality and price. There are some Fort Wayne IN bathroom remodel companies that charge much higher than necessary prices. Do you get a good quality product? Of course, but you are paying much higher than the average cost of bathroom remodel prices.

There are bathroom remodeling contractors on the other hand that charge what seems like an unbelievable price. You seem to be saving a fortune by on that master bathroom remodel or bathroom shower remodel. But is it worth all the money saved? No, it is not. The reason being you have now sacrificed quality work and materials that may end up causing issues for you later.

Your best bet is to find a local Fort Wayne bathroom remodel company that can keep prices competitive. All while holding true to quality standards you and your loved one can depend on and enjoy.

We continually strive for three qualities to ensure you get the best version of Bathroom Remodel Fort Wayne every remodel, and every customer interaction.

  • Quality
  • Services
  • Fun

From the moment you sign up for your free consultation to walking into your completed project for the first time. Bathroom Remodel Fort Wayne guarantees you will always receive the highest quality. Whether it be quality in customer service, ideas, or physical work put into your bathroom.

We strive to offer as many services as we can. Instead of having to shop for different companies to provide various services of bathroom remodeling in Fort Wayne, we try to provide as much as we can under one roof. Just one more way we can better serve our wonderful customers.

Finally, we always strive to have fun! We feel if we do not enjoy ourselves while at work then the quality will lack in the finished product. That is why we choose to hire employees that best represent themselves as truly enjoying the work they do. Whether as a consultant or physically remodeling your bathroom.

What to Expect

Before you visit us for your free consultation, we ask that you take some time to prepare yourself for your remodel process. We do offer ideas to help you design the perfect bathroom you always dreamed of. However, in order to best make that dream a reality, we need to have some sort of idea as to what you would like in a finished product. If you want the best bath remodel Fort Wayne has to offer you must come prepared.

For example, you may want a certain theme for your bathroom. Or you may want a certain mood to be portrayed by your bathroom. This may be bright and welcoming, or calm and relaxing.

If you are struggling to come up with ideas on your own we have some recommendations to prepare yourself. Take some time to look at projects we have finished in the past. You can also look through magazines, online photos and videos, or even T.V. shows can be a good resource.

Next, we will begin the consultation process. We want to discuss the budget and how much you can afford to spend on your remodel.

We will review the cost of materials you will be looking to purchase as well as fixtures. Whether they are showers, tile, vanities, or lighting fixtures.

We will also want to take measurements and look at the current state of your bathroom. If a wall needs to be moved or a bathtub needs to be replaced we will need the measurements and current state of all of it.

We want you to have the best bath remodeling experience Fort Wayne IN can offer. So if there are unforeseen complications such as a mold issue you were unaware of, we want to be as transparent as possible from the very beginning.



Full Bathroom Remodel

So you want more than just a new tub or toilet? You want it all! Well, Bathroom Remodel Fort Wayne is more than happy to make that a reality for you with our Full Bathroom Remodel service. We can replace that old tub with a brand new one. We can replace tile, bring in a new vanity, perfect lighting, paint, and so much more.


Bath Conversions

Perhaps you don’t need an entire new remodel and you want to start small? Not a problem at all. With our bath conversions service, we can replace your old tub and make your entire bathroom feel brand new with a brand new shower. We can choose a new tile, glass doors, and even a new shower head.


Master Bathroom Remodel

We understand how much time you can spend in your master bathroom. Whether you are getting ready for the day or wanting alone time to relax you want it to be perfect. We can help with that. Our master bathroom remodel service can assist with fixture replacements, lighting, paint, and more! Give us a call today to find out how you can best utilize your current space.


Small Bathroom Remodel

Do you have a small bathroom in your house all your guests use? Well, how about a remodel to make it truly shine? Our small bathroom remodel can turn your current guest bathroom into one you and your guests will love!


Walk-in Tubs/Showers.

You may be telling yourself that yes, a fancy looking tub would be wonderful, but what about safety? Well, if that is an issue for you have you ever considered walk-in tubs? We offer some of the best walk-in tubs Fort Wayne has available! Simply open your watertight door, safely step inside over a low step, close the door, and enjoy relaxing in your tub. In our minds having a great-looking tub while staying safe is never too much to ask for.


And More!

  • Lighting
  • Backsplash
  • Countertops
  • Sinks
  • Showerheads
  • And much much more!

About Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne is a city located in Northeastern Indiana. Home to the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory, this conservatory offers indoor tropical, desert, and showcase gardens. As well as outdoor areas.

The population is 267,633. The current unemployment rate is 3.6% while the national average is 3.7%. The sales tax rate is 7.0% while the national average is 6.2%.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Huntertown
  • Leo
  • Churubusco
  • Hoagland
  • Roanoke
  • New Haven
  • Laotto
  • Zanesville
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

Sorry to fall back on the old “it depends” kind of answer but that is unfortunately what we are able to offer. Without knowing any information at all about the current state, size, or desired remodel and materials it can fluctuate the amount drastically. This is another reason we offer a free consultation, so you can get the best information right from the beginning with no additional cost to you.

How much lighting do you think I should plan on having?

If you have ever been in a bathroom with little to no lighting while trying to get ready for your day, you already know how incredibly irritating this can be. You should plan on having a good amount of light above your mirror to help you see while you apply makeup, shave, or even cut your hair at home. We also recommend having adequate lighting above your shower.

Do I need to have my own ideas before I begin?

Not at all. However, we do recommend you trying to come up with some ideas before you meet with us. Solely for the purpose of having a finished product you truly love. It can be something small like hating the color of the walls or tile. Or perhaps you did not get the adequate storage space you had before the remodel. Look into researching online or reading a magazine to get some ideas of your own.

Customer Testimonials

We aren’t at the point where we want an actual remodel. However, we did get a brand new tub. Bathroom Remodel Fort Wayne replaced the tub so quickly and it looks incredible. When we do get to the point of a full remodel we know where we are going first.

Reggie K.

I had some idea of how I wanted my master bathroom to look but struggled to keep the theme going. Bathroom Remodel Fort Wayne came up with some ideas of their own particularly with my vanity and I could not be more pleased. You all did such a wonderful job thank you!

Molly H.

My small bathroom really needed some changes and a lot of work. These guys were up for the challenge and I could not be happier. It looks like a brand new bathroom and even though it is not my master bathroom I still find myself using this one more now throughout the day. I will definitely be hiring you again.

Brent N.

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With years of experience and joy in our work, we feel that we are the best possible choice for your bathroom remodel project. From the consultation and design stage to the finished product we guarantee your satisfaction with our employees and our work.

We are standing by to answer any questions you may have and look forward to working with you. Please visit our store or give Bathroom Remodel Fort Wayne a call today and we can schedule you for your free consultation!

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